Order-it - Track-Factory

See for yourself how you can save up to 50% of your time with Order-it! And we haven’t even brought up the costs…


What is Order-it and how does it work?

Order-it is an automatic ordering board on which you can put labels with an RFID chip. This chip has a unique number corresponding with the product codes of your ordering system.

When a product reaches the minimum stock level, you can put the accompanying label on the automatic ordering board. As the name suggests, the data from the board will be shared with you and you can use that data to place your orders according to the routes you’ve assigned to each product.

How will we help you to get started?

After it’s become clear how we can fit into your existing stock process, we will place the automatic ordering board on site, replace the labels you are now using for your drawers or baskets, and you’re all set! We can also add the RFID tags to your existing labels. We can even print new RFID labels with a special label printer.

You can add your ordering board with locations and users to our management environment. We’ll also help you set up the appropriate permissions.

What will you need?

Order-it consists of the following components:

  • The automatic ordering board suitable for 84 labels
  • Medicards: labels with an RFID chip
  • A login to the Order-it client environment where you can add your ordering boards and users with the appropriate permissions
  • Web service for the data available from the board.


  • Label holder
  • Label printer

What’s in it for you?

  • Less administrative tasks for logistics and nursing: no longer separately scanning on site;
  • No double or erroneous scans;
  • Reducing intermediate stocks by automatic ordering / right stock;
  • Decrease of loss;
  • Management at one location;
  • Direct digital insight into the statuses of all boards;
  • Process won’t change: existing data will be scanned and processed all at once;
  • Integration with all systems;
  • Greater employee and client satisfaction.