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Direct bestellen of
een oproep plaatsen
zonder administratieve


What is Binswitch?

You can use the BinSwitch to place orders automatically, or to issue orders directly. This allows you to skip the steps such as calling, emailing or entering an assignment in a portal. And that saves you a lot of time!

You can use the BinSwitch for

  • Replenishing your stock. By switching the switch, your supplier receives a message immediately or, for example, weekly what he has to deliver.
  • Providing an order. By flipping the switch, you can, for example, instruct the bed center to exchange a dirty bed for a clean one, or to exchange an infusion pump.
  • Alerting a service, for example: ‘technical service needed on the 8th floor of the nursing station urgently’. An e-mail or SMS will then be sent directly to the right person.
  • Searching equipment and assets. In the web portal you can immediately see which data transmission box an infusion pump is connected to. For example: the nursing ward on the 8th floor, left wing, has 16 infusion pumps.


How does it work?

  • You place the BinSwitch next to the item in your pantry with the switch on green. When the minimum amount is reached, turn the switch to red. You can set in advance what your minimum and maximum quantity is, and also indicate how large the order should be. The message goes to the data sender.
  • The data transmission box which is centrally placed and connected to the internet. The orders then go directly to your personal environment in the cloud, where they are further processed. If there is no range, the switch saves its message until it succeeds again. That way nothing is lost. Dozens of BinSwitches can communicate with 1 data transmission box. The range of the switches is approximately 100 meters.
  • The data is forwarded via the box to your personal environment in the cloud, where you can view and manage your data. Here you can assign a sensor to a stock item, a bed or equipment. You can also set the notifications for, for example, orders or promotions. This can be done via email or SMS, but also automatically to your own system to generate assignments or lists.


  • Fewer administrative actions: through automatic ordering and automatic job generation.
  • Cost savings: lower stocks and less waste, less time spent checking and calling.
  • Time saving: less searching and direct insight into where is what.
  • Fast response time of a service for critical processes.
  • Grow users and customer satisfaction.


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