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What is an AiroSensor?

The AiroSensor supports the renewed focus on the GDP guidelines for the storage conditions of medicines throughout the chain, including between pharmacy and customer. This in itself is not new, but with the AiroSensor it becomes a lot easier to comply with these guidelines. This sensor regulates temperature control automatically – also during transport. And that saves you a lot of time!

The AiroSensor has several versions

  • In environments with sudden temperature changes, for example in transport, the AiroSensor T is perfect;
  • For environments where accurate measurement of humidity is important, choose the AiroSensor;
  • Both models have a standard range of 100 meters, if you want a longer range, choose the Extended Range (ER);

Download PDF about the AiroSensor
Download the AiroSensor Spec-sheet

How does it work?

  • You click the AiroSensor into the holder with contact point in your medicine cabinet or freezer or in the refrigerated packaging that you use during transport. The sensor also measures movement (for example, how often the door of a refrigerator is opened and closed).
  • Within 100 to 150 meters, the AiroSensor transmits the data of the temperature and humidity very accurately to the data transmission box every 5 minutes. Beyond that, the sensor holds the values until contact is made with the box again. If the values are outside the margins that you set yourself, you will receive a notification by e-mail or text message.
  • The data is forwarded via the box to your personal environment in the cloud, where you can retrieve your data. Here you can also link a sensor to a transport. You can give the sensor a new trip number every time, so that you receive the relevant data for each trnasport. In the reports environment you can retrieve a report per trip, day or over a longer period.


  • Time saving: less administrative actions;
  • Work more accurately;
  • Insight through clear reports;
  • Control option for critical processes;
  • Prevention of claims;
  • Grow customer satisfaction.

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